Last week my Battery in my SD-1 gave up. At least that's what I thought happened. I was right in the middle of a really important song work I have been working on for a long time, and I lost all the sequences.

Now I'm fine with sometimes the boards get worn out and all that, but this board has been altered.. it has a chip across one of the large memory processors, and a small wire running to where ever...
I had to ask myself..."Will a new board have this rework on it when it gets here or will I need to find a hacker?"

I have changed the battery in my SD-1; 3 times over the past 10 years... pretty good track record, I am not a pro tech, but I am savy to electronics and the procedures... so before this time, I just left the board in the box, heated the battery terminals from the top side, and scribe pried the battery out... not pretty, but it worked... all things worked fine, but this time, I was worried about losing my synth so I pulled the main board flipped it over and did a really good job on the repair.
It failed, and after the test procedures in the repair manual, the numbers were low by about 30 points... 90 where it should be 125 or greater. I had the guy I bought the battery from(e-auction), send me a new one(battery), just in case it was the power source. I haven't got it yet, but I will try it after it arrives, then post more...
Where(as Cage would say...)"in zeuses butthole", can I find another main board for this?