Hello to all. I'm Phil, the one that persuaded Domenico to share all the material. Thanks again Domenico! I have done a series of exchanges with someone and I now don't own my L MS but I'm trying to help the new owner, who is good at electronics. He's Mauricio and he's Spanish. Unfortunately he can't get direct access here so I've asked him to send me the information that he requires etc. He has opened up the board and is looking and restoring the electronic pieces. He has written this. I think this can be of interest to all. He is also in touch with Zmago and they are trying to help each other etc...

This is what he has written:
"Hello to the entire Lionstracs community: to followers and people who are curious and to those of you here who are discovering, asking or sharing something more than just knowledge and queries. Whenever we have a problem we seek help from those closest to us: our friends, neighbours, teachers or even acquaintances, or even from the most divine!

I am not as fortunate as many of you are, as I don’t have the opportunity to meet many other friends and colleagues, so I want to ask you a really big favour that will not only just help me solve a big problem on my Lionstracs Mediastation X76 Workstation keyboard, but that this problem may also help resolve the situation for many others as well, and will become a message that will reach others due to its importance.

I know that there are many of you who have one now, or have had one in the past, or are also owners of any Lionstracs device, in any of its various forms. And it is possible that you may zealously and carefully store everything that was delivered by the company: a valuable material to make this great keyboard remain in good state and condition for many years.

That is why, if any of you know personally, or if anyone knows anyone who knows, as I've mentioned, about the existence of any electrical diagram (Circuit diagram) and / or of any development of their printed circuit boards, please allow me to have a copy in a known format to be able to discover possible faults in one of the circuit boards (mother boards). Specifically, the one called MS Key player. Or putting it another way, the first on the front panel that is located on the right side as you look at the front panel.

It is possible that a few others are having similar problems, perhaps derived from excessive handling or perhaps because it was opened and closed too much, or simply because many of us discovered that the robustness of this keyboard and its circuit boards perhaps isn't the best and something could suffer.

Please be sure that you will not just be helping me, but in a way, that information will be shared by all of us so as to be able to solve many other faults that may arise from any other Lionstracs instrument.

Take it for granted, and it goes without saying, that whoever facilitates it will become widely named and recognized by all of us for many years to come.

I intend to put up a few videos, or if the need arises due to high demand, relocate to a new channel, where I will try to upload a few videos explaining the entire restoration process of this great device and project, that still has a lot to contribute and is still alive, perhaps for quite a few years to come.

Thank you very much, and I hope that even if I have disturbed your peace, quiet and tranquillity a bit, I hope it can be useful for everyone. I guarantee it. Best regards and wishes to all. Maury "~