Hi Everyone

Good to be back on the forum again have been looking in now and again to see what’s been happening its been Work! Work! Work! This end “Jack of all Trades” since we moved in to our new home things are a little different over here in France not a lot of time to play the KN at this time however I have loaded the SD Audio PC writing Kit software etc and have the Book & Video to compliment everything seems to work fine but I am racking my brain over this issue there are 650 fonts installed on my PC (Win98) the SD-jukebox V2 loaded and works OK however some of the text in the on screen program is in Greek as well as English (wish I could say it’s the French wine)e.g. default playlist and Track Artist etc Greek Text had this problem before when we had Win fax Pro software all the Fax cover page text were in Greek but everything was received thankfully in English at a guess can only think the software must use a font that is not installed on the PC if so what is the font and has anyone else had the similar problem and dealt with it.

Pete Dale