The Alesis QS6 has the best leads and synth sounds I've ever heard. They're quality, thick, and got great tones that are more than a crummy sine wave. Take the lead in this track:

It's got a distorted sound, aggressive, and has some proper presence to it.

But there is a problem. The QS6 is rare, especially ones that are in good nick. Worse still, is that the only library I could find of it was a trash AKAI library with only 76 patches.

Called up Alesis, and they said there's nothing in the works as far as making a library/VST out of the old synth. Which is a peep, as the Roland D50, Roland XP80, Roland SRX, are available as Roland Cloud VSTs and as Kontakt libraries ripped by norCtrack. Those synths feature heavily along with the Alesis QS6.

Closest I've been able to find is the Korg Wavestation, which has similarly thick synth leads that actually have their own sound, rather than sounding like crummy patches from a cheap-as-free Casio PSR. But I want that damn lead from that track, as it's just killer.

Any of you's know if there's anything out there?