All request for attachment and which one should be sent to keybstud@sc.rr.com. All request will be out within 24 hours.

If you have not received your attachment within a short period of time it could be for several reasons.

1. You sent to the wrong email address.
2. No subject in email reauest
3. I dont know what attachment you want
4. I sent it to the wrong email address.
5. Your server is restricting attachments.
6. I dont like you.
7. Your computer doesn't like you.

Please do not request attachment to be sent from the SZ.

I have sent the last two request from this post out this morning.



Originally posted by Chuck Piper:
Hi Walt,

I sent you a request for the Adobe version and specified it in the Subject line of my e-mail. I have not received anything from you. Please send it to me. Thank you.