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#4767 - 03/12/02 07:05 PM Mixer and Wireless lavalier Mic HELP
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I really need advice and help with buy a mixer and buying a wireless lavilier mic. When recording, I have the SoloEX8 system. Two inputs of the Solo sound card system are equipped with Pre-amp, 48V (phantom power, and basically sufficient monitoring features.

Now, I need to record 3 mics at the same time, since the other channels are not equipped with pre-amps, I need a mixer.

I was looking for the highest quality compact mixer possible. I do not care about the EQ, effects, sends, returns, or anything else. All I care for is the following:

1) very excellent quality pre-amps.
2) minimum noise possible
3) reliable channels with no crosstalk
4) durable mixer with reliable performance.
5) 16 channels with at least 8 MIC preamp (XLR inputs).
6) additional routing capability would be nice.

I was thinking of Mackie 1642VLZPRO or 1604VLZPRO... then I thought about Allen&Heath ($2000). Any suggestions or recommenations? How about a third option?

I am using now Neuman TLM103 and AKG C3000B for recording a discussion in an environment that is not ideal. The above two MICs do excellent jobs. When I use a dynamic MIC (even good quality dynamic one) with my current pre-amps, I have to crank the preamp all the way to the end to get a decent signal and then a I get background noise with it. TLM103 and C3000B do not do that. So I was wondering if the problem is with dynamic mics or with my preamps? In other words, is that the dynamic mics generate smaller signal and therefore require more amplification from the pre-amp and thus they pickup more background noise or is it my pre-amp does not do good job at very high level?

The reason I am discussing this is because I am very interested in a wireless lavalier MIC. In fact, I would love to be able to use 3 wireless lavalier mic at the same time. So I posted a question about this some time ago and Uncle Dave replied about UHF and true diversity. So I brought one made by SHURE and the lavalier MIC was W184 which is described as a premium condenser lavalier that is supercordiod. Well, it performed reliably but the problem the quality of the MIC was not acceptable. Again, I had to crank the pre-amp to the end, the mic did not sound good, there was tons of noise.

Does AKG or Newman make wireless lavalier mic? What are my options?

#4768 - 03/12/02 07:34 PM Re: Mixer and Wireless lavalier Mic HELP
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It may sound like a stretch, but a shotgun mic may be the best for you. You can position it further from the source than a conventional mic and it will pick up very well. I've sold many to HS choirs and theatre groups.
The condenser will always be a hotter signal than a dynamic mic, so the preamp IS a vital difference in the gain structure.
I use a Mackie 1604VLZpro in my studio, and I fing the mic pre's to be excellent. There are 16 on the newest models too.
A lavaleir will never give you the same gain because of the "omni" pattern. It'll feedback way before the signal is as hot as a mic , closer to the mouth.
I'd try a C1000s before you do anything else. TYhey are so versitile in the studio, and they have a tighter pattern than the C3000 and the TLM103. It's a smaller diaphragm, and a good hot output.
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