DFreqTIP - Setting the Sound Blaster SoundFont Cache

Copyright 2002 by Scott R. Garrigus. Reprinted with permission.

Whenever someone tells me they are using a Sound Blaster Live sound
card for music recording, I cringe a little. Then I calmly explain
to them that the Sound Blaster Live is a consumer-level sound card,
and is not made for serious music making. Sure, if you're just
making music as a hobby or just for fun, then an SB Live may be all
you need, but you'll still run into its many quirks.

Case in point... when trying to adjust the SoundFont Cache, you may
find that it keeps getting reset every time you restart your PC.
This means you have to adjust it each time you boot your system.
Very annoying. Well, with a little Windows Registry tweaking, at
least that one quirk can be kicked to the curb. Here's how...

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