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#46062 - 03/29/05 09:51 AM Technics Breakdown

Hi All.
A friend of mine has a Technics SXE 33 and the power supply unit has failed. . The question is, does anyone out there know if it possible to get a replacement for this? If there is a web site for this information?
Is there possibly an alternative unit that would do the same job?. Hoping one of you technophiles out there can give an answer for him.
Peter B

#46063 - 03/29/05 12:45 PM Re: Technics Breakdown
Bill Norrie Offline
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Hi Peter,
The instrument is listed here :
I'm sure this is an American website (prices in $US) and from what I can see in the parts list, a 'Power Supply' module is not listed. Several individual items, which could be components within the power supply circuit, are listed eg. Transformer, Voltage regulator ICs and what I would imagine is a large capacitor.
It might be worthwhile your friend contacting the supplier with further questions. Follow the 'support' trail to 'Contact'.
Additional UK Contact :


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#46064 - 03/29/05 02:17 PM Re: Technics Breakdown
Walt Meyer Offline

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I had a Technics SX series organ wherein the power supply failed. After checking the service manual/schematic, I saw that the power supply voltages were exactly the same as in a common computer (+12, -12, +5volts). I replaced the power supply with one intended for computer use and all was well - I never had a failure after that time. It has been pretty well documented that the power supply in the SX series was a problem. There was an upgrade by Tecnics but I chose to replace rather than use a 'patch' offered by Technics.
All it takes is someone with the ability to diagnose the problem, use the proper PC supply (there are several configurations), and make the proper connections.
The original power supply had a storage capacitor that was used to supply keep alive current to the memory so that one didn't lose 'presets' if the organ was unplugged. Rather than use the capacitor system, I chose to replace it with a 3.6 volt Lithium battery cell connected directly to the memory chip. There is practically no current drawn by the memory so a lithium battery should last 10 or 20 years.
This seems a little complicated but is the best long term solution in my opinion. (My power supply failed twice before I decided to go the long route).

#46065 - 03/29/05 10:49 PM Re: Technics Breakdown

Hi Bill and Walt.
Thanks for your help on this, I did say to him that it might be similar to a computer supply but I was only guessing. I will pass on the info to him and he will be able to sort it or maybe get a man that can.

Peter B


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