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#45683 - 07/15/07 02:48 PM Re: Sorry Its Floppy Load Problem
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When I Tried To Format Hdd Disk On XP Using the Command Format a: /t:80 /n:9 /a:1024 If I Cover The hole It Doesnt Work If I Not Cover The Hole Theres An Error I Tried Twice With New Floppy

Originally posted by Walter McLaren:
Vista, as XP, may not Format DD Disc's. This works on XP. Copy and Paste is easier.

To Format HDD Disc's in XP, open a Command and enter,

Format a: /t:80 /n:9 /a:1024 & cover 1.44 hole if needed


#45684 - 07/19/07 03:18 AM Re: Sorry Its Floppy Load Problem
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I always, but always, format my new disks/
SDs in my KN before using it. This ensures the KN can read it.

Go to MY COMPUTER, find the 'A' DRIVE, RIGHT CLICK on it and you should get a drop down box on which there is "COPY DISK" Click on this and you will be asked to "INSERT SOURCE DISK.

Load the Floppy Disk you want to copy and when the PC has finished copying it, you will be asked for the "DESTINATION". Here you should be able to copy either to another Floppy or to the PC hard-drive (or wherever you wish).

Try it, it just might work.


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