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#454399 - 07/07/18 12:49 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: DonM]
sparky589 Offline
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Maybe while he's in there the doctors can find a cure for KAS, and then share it with us..

(Keyboard Aquisition Syndrome)
The older I get, the better I was..

#454400 - 07/07/18 12:58 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Gunnar Jonny Online   content
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Thank's a lot for the info Don.
Good to hear that Donny is on the way to get back home. smile
Cheers & Happy Playing. smile
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but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)

#454405 - 07/07/18 02:09 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
mdorantes Offline
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Donny, a quick recovery is in order...!!! take care.


#454407 - 07/07/18 04:02 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: mdorantes]
tony mads usa Offline
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DonM, thanks for that update ...
Praying that they find the cause of the problem, and that Donny bounces back real quick ...
t. cool

#454408 - 07/07/18 07:13 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Duane O Offline

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Get well soon, Donny

Duane O'D
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#454409 - 07/07/18 09:12 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Mark79100 Offline
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Donny........don't treat that so I believe they're called transient strokes. Someone very close to me was permanently disabled and finally died three years after she suffered a full stroke. The doctor said she was probably warned with small "transient" strokes (mini-strokes?) before the big one hit and, had she known that, and had taken immediate medical treatment the major stroke would never have happened.

I just had my arteries tested for "circulation." The doctor said so far I'm in the "safe zone." But, at this age, everyone should have tests once a year. Believe me, if you don't die, you don't want to be left in an after-stroke condition.

I think Gary might be able to shed more light on "transient strokes." My GP said to keep the odds on my side...take a mini-aspirin every day for the rest of my life (to thin out the blood).

#454410 - 07/07/18 09:19 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
shueymusic Offline

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Take care of yourself!!
"The Shueys"
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#454412 - 07/07/18 10:45 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Nigel Online   wise

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Wishing you all the best Donny

#454415 - 07/08/18 04:48 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
MacAllcock Offline
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Get well soon Donny, it's good that they know what going on.
John Allcock

#454422 - 07/08/18 03:48 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: MacAllcock]
bruno123 Offline
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Donny getting old stinks, but you a long way to go. I have tried to turn each attack on my health into a positive. My diet has changed radically, I go to the gym and walk to the clubhouse almost every day.

Attacks should be treated as warnings. They can actually extend your life; or at best make you feel good where you are at.

Think positive my friend, John C.

PS, sorry for the soap box talk, but it is what I have to give when I care.

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