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#454380 - 07/07/18 05:33 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Riceroni9 Online   content

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Thanks for letting us know, Tony.

Prayers are on their way... on your behalf, Donny. Your presence is missed here more than you can imagine.


#454381 - 07/07/18 06:04 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Mikem Offline

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Very sorry to hear this, Donny. frown I'll certainly be praying for your health, and that you and your family will remain calm. I wish you a full & speedy recovery. God bless.

#454382 - 07/07/18 06:21 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Gunnar Jonny Offline
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+1 to all the good wishes allready written for you above.
Best regards and wishes for a speedy recovery from The West Coast of Norway.
Cheers & Happy Playing. smile
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but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)

#454383 - 07/07/18 06:30 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
travlin'easy Online   happy
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Get well old friend.

All the best,

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#454384 - 07/07/18 06:48 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
W Tracy Parnell Offline

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Best wishes Donny!
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#454387 - 07/07/18 08:03 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: W Tracy Parnell]
sparky589 Online   sleepy

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Praying is Duke..get well soon..


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#454388 - 07/07/18 09:31 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Jerryghr Offline
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#454389 - 07/07/18 09:37 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
Uncle Dave Offline
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Damn. Hate hearing this - feel better gum-bah!
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#454392 - 07/07/18 10:27 AM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
rphillipchuk Offline

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Get well Soon Donny, we all miss you ......
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#454398 - 07/07/18 12:37 PM Re: UPDATE ! Donny (Dnj) [Re: tony mads usa]
DonM Online   elvis
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I just talked to Donny. He is now getting medication to address the problems and so far it is working. He may get to go home tonight or tomorrow.
Evidently there is a blood vessel that wasn't allowing enough blood through and causing stroke symptoms. He is on Plavix and also a anti-convulsion medicine.
He wanted me to tell you all thanks for the good wishes and prayers!

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