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#451597 - 05/05/18 02:16 PM JP-8000 midi transmitted when no note is played?
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Greetings -

I just got a JP-8000 (yesterday), and it's a great-sounding synth, that is for sure.

Mine appears to have 3 issues, however.

1) lower volume from the main outs than from the headphone out.

2) 'blipping' sounds when a key is depressed on a patch or performance.

3) midi 'blips' being transmitted when no key is depressed.

Issues #2 and #3 are related, I think.

I can see, in my DAW and midi interface random random midi signals being transmitted from the JP-8000. I'm not playing anything, the midi interface (a Midisport 4x4) just flashes, showing that it is receiving midi data. These midi 'blips' are common; several per second. The JP-8000 is not generating any sound, just sending these midi signals.

Then, if I play a note (pretty much any note), it 'blips' or 'quavers' in a very annoying way, in a way that is synchronized with the midi signal blips.

Any thoughts about that?

One thing that occurs to me is that maybe it's an appegiator issue, maybe the arpeggiator is somehow just sending signals. But even when the arpeggiator is 'off' (at least I think it's off), sometimes these midi signals get transmitted. Hmmmmmm

Then, the volume issue. I've googled around, and it seems many JP-8000 owners have extremely low volume output. My headphone volume is fine, but the main outs have low volume. I'd need to use the headphone out for recording.

Any thoughts?

Here is what I've done so far.
> I've reinstalled the OS 1.05
> I've reset the factory presets
> I've completed the Roland JP-8000 onboard diagnostics (no issues revealed)
> all keys trigger notes / all buttons + sliders work
> I've let the synth stay on for a while, hoping it might 'right' itself. Yesterday, I thought the blipping issue was getting much better, but today it's worse than yesterday.

Thanks for your comments -


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#452335 - 05/20/18 11:43 PM Re: JP-8000 midi transmitted when no note is played? [Re: Sir Ricardo]
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Sorta sounds like a hardware issue if you reinstalled the OS and nothing changed.


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