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#450309 - 04/12/18 04:58 PM Re: my Monday night startling discovery [Re: Mark79100]
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I guess I look at this a bit differently. I always prided myself in my appearance, both on stage and off. And, my audiences always commented positively on my attire, so I guess I was doing something right.

I always used the best equipment, regardless of the cost, and always listened to my audiences when they provided constructive criticism. Hey, they were the ones I needed to please the most.

Music was my sole source of income for more than 30 years, it provided me with enough money to create a good retirement program, I was able to purchase a very nice sailing yacht, I was able to visit all my Synthzone friends down south, and supported my family comfortably. Yeah, I worked my ass off, but I loved every damned minute of being on stage, entertaining those wonderful people.

Now that I have retired, I sincerely hope to make at least one more long sailing voyage down to the Florida Keys, maybe out to the Dry Tortugas and Bahamas, then up to New England so I can bug the New England contingency of the Synthzone. wink

I never felt the need to change gears and go the route that some folks believe was the future of music. I just kept on doing what was working very, very well for me with one goal in mind - I wanted to be the best entertainer I could be.

All the best,

Gary cool
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#450314 - 04/12/18 09:03 PM Re: my Monday night startling discovery [Re: Mark79100]
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I always tell my wife... we go and do “our” gig. Don’t worry... do us! Our package of entertainment is worth it us and for our clients.

1.) Apperance... my wife is cute enough for the both of us!
2.) We sing... we showcase our strengths!
3.) Song selection... do a set list that fits your audience!
4.) Sound Quality and volume control... sound good and don’t be too loud!!
5.) Equipment Quality... proper cables, maintain your equipment, have extras!

Although this is a ranked list... all are important for success. As long as I am happy with the keyboard I use, then all is good. I want to enjoy myself at the gig too!! But the audience doesn’t care about the piano sound, I care! The audience doesn’t care how I produce my tracks, they just want to hear the song and enjoy the entertainment.
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#450339 - 04/13/18 05:20 AM Re: my Monday night startling discovery [Re: Mark79100]
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Lets face it ....It's NOT the's the CURE that counts.

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