I divided a Style with Split & Splice from the Tyros and loaded the MIDI part into a sequencer.
There the tracks were changed, BASS 9 DRUMS 10/11 AKK on 12-16
Then I renamed the markers.
Here the first problem appears: In the PA4X, the elements are displayed as: V1-CV1, V2-CV1, etc. in a manual I have read that no uppercase letters are allowed and it has to be: v1cv1, v2cv1 etc.
What is correct?

But no matter how I wrote the markers, the SMF Midi File is not converted.
The message "This file is not suitable for conversion to Style" appears constantly, mostly after about 81% conversion.

As file types, I chose Format0 as well as Format1. It didn't work anymway.

Does anyone have a hint, what am I doing wrong?

Best regards