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#444501 - 01/11/18 09:44 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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will you be in the Dallas area for the procedure? Let us know.


#444504 - 01/11/18 09:52 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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Don, I hope everything goes well. I'll be praying for you. Hang in there!

#444506 - 01/11/18 09:58 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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After talking with you last night, Don, I thought that would be the scenario. The good news is the pacemaker/defibrillators of today are extremely effective, the batteries usually last about 5 or more years, and they can be recharged externally, as I explained on the phone.

Good luck with the cardiac catheterization and don't mess with those young, cute, nurses for at least 24 hours after the procedure. wink After a day of recovery, go for it! smile

All the best,

Gary cool
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#444507 - 01/11/18 10:06 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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Good luck with the procedures...I'm sure they will go well, they really have all that down now.
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Lee S.

#444508 - 01/11/18 10:21 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: leeboy]
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Don ... don't let Susan see Gary's post or you will have MORE trouble ...
t. cool

#444510 - 01/11/18 10:23 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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Yeah - for sure...then he'd need a "pacemaker" and a "peacemaker"! Just sayin'!

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#444515 - 01/11/18 10:44 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
Dnj Online   content
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Good luck buddy I know you'll get thru this with flying colors.....praying for your speedy recovery!!!
Roland BK9,

#444521 - 01/11/18 11:01 AM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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Glad they figured things out quickly and you're on the mend. I had a business associate who damn near tanked. They put the stuff in you're getting and he is going strong (30 years ago!). Thinking of you and family. You'll be up and running soon!
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#444529 - 01/11/18 12:20 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: Jerry T]
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The "Southern Gentleman" is in good hands and in the best place possible....... Just remember "Good things happen to Good people" and they don't get any more "gooder" then you ...........

As Dnj would say "Just sayin "

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#444534 - 01/11/18 01:55 PM Re: Don Mason hospitalized [Re: rphillipchuk]
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Best wishes and get well soon, Don!

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