Hello Everyone,

I have just read the concern over parking at The Holiday Inn and as I am a 'native' of Cambridge I thought you might like some further information. Cambridge being a very old City has many narrow streets which means 'One-way' systems are in operation. To assist the many visitors we have each year, there are several Park-and-Ride sites around the City one of which is very close to The Holiday Inn. If you are going in to the City itself, I would strongly recommend you use the Park-and-Ride as Car Parking fees in Cambridge are exceptionally high.

The Holiday Inn is also very close to another place of interest - namely the City of Ely. This small town is associated in the History Books with Oliver Cromwell and I would think most people have heard of Ely Cathedral and I can assure you that this is well worth a visit. The Ely Park & Ride is only operative on a Saturday at the moment, but there are plans to extend but hasn't been confirmed when this will come into operation.

I have found a website which you might like to take a look at - detailed below:-

This site is full of information and not only lists places of interest but also shows MAPS on how to get there.

I do not have the web address of Ely Cathedral but if you do a 'Google' SEARCH naming: 'Ely,Cambs,Cathedral' (without the apostrophes) you will get a lot of information from there.

Another Search, 'Cambridge,Cambs, Bed and Breakfast' brings up a whole list of B&Bs and Guest Houses.

I hope this will help in some way and I am really looking forward to 'putting some faces' to the now very familiar names.