Sorry to see the Canadian Forum shut down. Although I could see it coming with all the negative KN6000 reports. I used to periodically post changes made to the Technics Players List there, and will continue to do so here and in the General Discussion forum.
Technics owners now total 315, with 27 KN6000 owners, and 153 KN5000. Other changes made: Y2K Countdown all over the world, guitar links to include free lessons, a 'tips and tricks' page for Solton onwers,
simmilar to the Technics 'tips and tricks'
"How to contact Technics" has been added to the Technics tips and tricks page, although the email address is incorrect.I am attempting to obtain their address. If anyone has it, please let me know.

Live from middle America, Kansas
Dave Ross

Added Guitar and piano chord builder. Create any chord. Page down 5 times from top of page.

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