When you look at the features...

The Montage has to offer
- more sounds’
- 3 times the sample memmory of the Genos
- deep sound edditing
- huge amount of arps 10k + over 2k user arps
- audio over usb
- top knotch daw integration with montage connect
- 61 and 88 key versions
- Even better live controllers, the knobs are encoders and more
- onboard deep edditing and Sound creation
- 2 dsp/sound vs 1 on the Genos
- FM engine
- super knob
- the 4 rows of 8 buttons to the right that make for an increible live interface

Genos has to offer
- styles, multipads
- sa2 sounds
- graphical organ flutes
- ensemble sounds
- double professional sequencer with edditing features
- easier understandable user interface

It almost makes me wonder why Tyros and Genos are so much more expensive?
(Well actually i know, the reason is Genos users are prepared to pay more )

And then there is me... wanting all of this in a single 88 key instrument...
And being prepared to pay as much as €6000..
Yamaha Genos and Modx 8, MFC10, Ipad pro.