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#438577 - 10/05/17 04:13 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
rattley Offline

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I don't understand the ban either.........and with his posts deleted none of the threads flow correctly when you read them.

UUUGGHH!!!!!!!!!! -charley

#438578 - 10/05/17 04:14 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
screenshot Offline
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It’s like little kids... well yes you're right...but not from bachus point of still in your corner kidda

#438579 - 10/05/17 04:32 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: screenshot]
rphillipchuk Online   content

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Please do not change your thoughts or views !!!!! You are well respected by all.

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#438584 - 10/05/17 05:57 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
124 Offline
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Not a Yamaha type, so I've never been on the psrtutorial forum/site. But I've never seen anything offensive from Bachus on here. So I can't imagine why he got bumped off there.

#438586 - 10/05/17 07:41 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
travlin'easy Online   happy
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I've been on the tutorial site since it began, I am one of the moderators, but I have no idea who banned him or why. It is an excellent site, has helped thousands upon thousands of members solve problems, provided them with a huge number of third party styles and is second to none for this type of forum.

Gary cool
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#438589 - 10/05/17 08:53 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: travlin'easy]
hbinfo2001 Offline

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Hi receive this email from psr tuturual from Charley Oram
Dear Bachus,

I wanted to personally reply to the ban. I have always enjoyed your posts whether I agreed with them or not. You do post a lot........but every post radiates your passion for music and gear. If you are reading the new posts at PSRtutorial you will see many of us disturbed by the ban and demanding an explanation. I hope you will not let the actions of one stop you from trying to have the ban lifted. There is a ton of support that wants this to happen. I have been a member of PSRtutorial and SynthZone for more than 15 years. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Your friend. -charley (rattley)
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#438590 - 10/05/17 09:15 PM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
Beakybird Offline
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WTF! I think that people should only be banned if their flaming assh@les or super annoying.

Bachus good. Moderator bad.

#438592 - 10/06/17 12:28 AM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
Gunnar Jonny Offline
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Joe (Admin) has reversed the ban, and thats great. smile
Big question if it's possible to recover all of the deleted posts and treads?
As usual in Bachus's writing, there was a lot of info and visdom to read and learn by.....
Cheers & Happy Playing. smile
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#438601 - 10/06/17 06:09 AM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: Bachus]
adimatis Offline
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I do not know the story.. but what a stupid situation!
Ban a user, maybe, but delete the posts?!?!

That was unnecessarily extreme. And stupid. smile

#438602 - 10/06/17 07:11 AM Re: Banned from psr tutorial [Re: adimatis]
guitpic1 Offline
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My impression is that criticism, constructive or otherwise, of Yamaha products is not well received on the PSR Tutorial. There are Yamaha cheerleaders there.

I'm very careful of what I say on that site.

I still have two Yamaha keyboards and usually only post on that site if I need help with those keyboards.
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