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#437483 - 09/14/17 02:08 PM Arranger keyboard or.....
cgiles Offline
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...Performance Workstation (with 'arranger' features). Donny often uses the term "make it your own" when referring to performances. A good premise, one that I wholeheartedly endorse. In fact, jazz is built on that principle. The truth is, if that were one's primary goal, they probably wouldn't start with an auto-accompaniment instrument....but that's for another thread.

Seems to me, reading all the trending 'wish lists' for new arrangers, that aside from new styles (and better sounds - if that's even possible), most of the desired features have little to do with basic arranger playing but more to do with ergonomics, navigation (easier ways to do already-automated functions), aesthetics (grey,black,white), build quality (plastic or paper...uhhh I mean plastic or metal), smartphone/tablet integration, and yes, even weight. Only a handful (Fran) ever mention things like keybed (keyfeel), etc. that actually effect your realtime playing.

Modern airliners can auto-takeoff, manage a flight, and autoland----do everything except serve drinks to the passengers. This makes the captain and first officer little more than system managers (well, until you need to land on the Hudson river smile ). This makes the aviation world question whether we're creating a generation of pilots without basic stick and rudder skills. Is this an appropriate analogy in the music world? Are we only concerned about the end product (what reaches the audience's ears) and little or nothing about the BASIC processes that got us there. If so, wouldn't an mp3 player and a stash of well-prepared, well selected, mp3s cover about 85-90% of most of your gigs?

I'm just thinking aloud here, but maybe we could remove some of the stigma by just calling it something other than an arranger keyboard; after all, it has evolved to much more than that and it's wider acceptance as a legitimite musical instrument should not be diminished by an archaic label. If you had to rename (relabel) it as a category of keyboard, what would you call it? Just curious.

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#437484 - 09/14/17 02:18 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
Dnj Offline
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#437485 - 09/14/17 02:40 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
montunoman Offline
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I've met some pretty amazing arrange arranger keyboardist during my travels to Mexico. None of them referred to their keyboards as "arranger keyboards" in fact they were completely unaware of the term unless they happen to speak English and visit websites such as this. I believe most of the Mexican keyboard referred to their arrange a keyboard as " teclado con ritmos" which means " keyboard with rhythms " That seems to make sense to me. Maybe call it a " rhythm keyboard" or how about " chord recognition keyboard"
Either way ,the name doesn't really matter to me or does the acceptance/status of the instrument. I love playing with my "rhythmic keyboard " Wiorks great for my needs!
It not the keyboard, it's the keyboardist.

#437486 - 09/14/17 02:59 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
abacus Offline
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Easy Play Keyboard, as after all their just a more advanced version of the easy play features that were fitted to home entertainment organs.

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#437489 - 09/14/17 03:22 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
Dnj Offline
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Exactly Bill....we are just automatically operating a keyboard device with buttons and keys....

#437500 - 09/14/17 07:44 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
Uncle Dave Offline
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I still like the idea that "I'm" the arranger on the fly, not the keyboard. It's kinda funny that the instrument took the name, but when I'm at the helm, I'm in control - no matter what the tools or toys I'm using. For years (actually decades!) I used a Rhodes, a bass synth du jour and a drum machine ... I was the arranger. I like the title ... and I'm stickin' to it!
Everyone, and everything I listen to is my teacher. Every instrument, every voice, every sound in nature ... they are all my private tutor ... 24/7 for free.

#437503 - 09/14/17 07:57 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: Dnj]
tony mads usa Online   cool2
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Originally Posted By Dnj
....we are just automatically operating a keyboard ....

Automatically??? KB doesn't do anything if I don't tell it to ... wink
t. cool

#437504 - 09/14/17 08:03 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
travlin'easy Offline
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Most folks, both musicians and audience members, just refer to them as "Keyboards." And, I for one, love the automated features. Of course, from my perspective, all music is somewhat automated, or rhythmic to use a better term. It is repetitive, hence tempo and timing. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but that may be because I'm an old fart (and damned proud of it!).

All the best,

Gary cool
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#437508 - 09/14/17 09:24 PM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: cgiles]
J. Larry Offline

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I don’t ever recall anyone saying, “Hey, you’re faking it, or you’re not really playing.” It’s more like I heard yesterday, “Where’s all those sounds coming from? How’d you do that”? I generally take the time to show them and provide a short demonstration. Most folks I know love the technology that’s been brought to musicians. Some of my closest friends are Ph. D’s in music (not me) and they are wow’d by what one person can sound like.

#437515 - 09/15/17 12:24 AM Re: Arranger keyboard or..... [Re: travlin'easy]
Nigel Online   wise

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Originally Posted By travlin'easy
Most folks, both musicians and audience members, just refer to them as "Keyboards."

The difference between an arranger keyboard and a workstation is nothing more than some additional accompaniment software. Workstations already have plenty of buttons to use when in arranger mode. I would like all workstations to have arranger features. There is no reason that they shouldn't. It would add little to their cost. Maybe some overlay button templates to use in arranger mode. Stand alone arranger keyboards should be taken over by workstations with arranger abilities. Then some people with workstations would realize how useful those arranger features are.

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