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#437114 - 09/06/17 08:43 PM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: frankieve]
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Originally Posted By frankieve
sept 28th

Thank you, sir! smile

#437124 - 09/07/17 04:39 AM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: mweuch]
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Originally Posted By mweuch
I am hoping Yamaha let Stephen Kay implementing his KARMA software into the new GENOS! That would be like genos overdosed on steroids. Still don’t get why KORG wouldn’t let him implemented it onto the Korg PAs back then when he was with Korg. Lets do this YAMAHA!

Stephen was never with Korg, he allways was a private contractor.. he has allways been the sole owner of Karma

Thats why he was able to create a Motif version of Karma..

And thats why we will soon see a VST host/instrument for Karma

Korg Italy decided back then that arranger players have no use for Karma(or arpeggiators) they must have seen they are wrong after the live knobs and arps on the psr s970, thats why they added some nice things to the pa4x lately..
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#437127 - 09/07/17 04:56 AM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: Bachus]
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Do we even know for sure that the new keyboard Frank has been invited to see is even an arranger? Although it probably is, do we know that for sure? Has anyone seen that verified anywhere (from an official source)? Just askin'.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

#437130 - 09/07/17 05:14 AM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: Bachus]
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Thanks Frank, you are the ONLY dealer who really keeps Synthzone up to date. You will be writing up lots of orders for the new
Yamaha !! Best to you, Lloyd

#437131 - 09/07/17 05:19 AM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: Tyrosman5]
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Thank goodness after Sept 28th no more rumors lol
as Uncle Dave would say

"Please Make It Stop" confused2

#437153 - 09/07/17 09:18 AM Re: Genos Rumors [Re: Bachus]
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If Martin Harris is present, does that increase the likelihood that it’s an arranger? Or, not necessarily so? Is he not the main man for Yamaha arrangers?

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