I enjoyed the original thread "Looks Can Be Deceiving" by Chas. I understand his thread was, as he mentioned himself, "about good musicians that don't fit the usual stereotype; a rock organist that doesn't LOOK like your typical rock organist; a nerdy-looking guy that plays exquisite avant-garde jazz piano ; a Japanese singer/pianist that does 'soul' music."

I really liked the original video Chas posted. I, too, agree with Chas that his thread was somehow hijacked. I wanted to continue with Chas' idea but I thought we all needed a little break from a music discussion only so that we can get back into music with fresh mind. So here is a little over 2 minute non music video (though there is "soul" humming) that I believe goes along with the original intent of Chas' thread, though from a different angle.

1. In the video is a hilarious preacher, but I don't think there is much "religious" stuff during the short 2 minute segment. However, if you want to avoid it like a plague, don't click on the link.
2. As a Christian I do not endorse this preacher's main teaching.


The preacher was a professional rock n' roll singer an pianist. If you care to see him play and sing,

"You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."
John 8:32