Hi Guy`s ,

It sure has been a long time , but I am still here !

So as most of you know I have had many arrangers over the years and my latest being the Roland Prelude that I bought my local music store ( not GC ) and now I want a piano.

So to help pay for and make room for one the Prelude must go , it is very mint with the music stand still wrapped up in the styrofoam and I have all the original paper work and the original box to ship it in.

It is version 2 -- Latin version ( I really don`t think there is a difference , a couple of latin styles and sounds added is about it ).

Also you know how picky I am about how the action is on an arranger , and this is the closest to my Tyros 3 that I had of all my other arrangers , it is that good ! .

Please help me buy a piano !! laugh

I will view all offers with great enthusiasm !! LOL

Many thanks , take care and my e-mail is still the same and should be in my profile , if not please leave a reply as I will check in once per day or so.
It is not on eBay.

Later smile

Gary 


How can I add a picture ? , I don`t have a website. , thanks