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#426101 - 09/12/16 07:48 PM What iPad software r u using?
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I just bought a newer iPad Air 32gb because I need more space for my bibles and print music. I have been using UNREAL BOOK for storage, but I still would like something better/easier. What are your suggestions, what do you use, why? TIA.
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#426105 - 09/12/16 11:25 PM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: cassp]
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Pocket Bible - I use both IOS and Android versions. For me it has the best interface. You touch a certain area of the screen and it will turn to the next verse, book, or page. I've never seen any other Bible apps that do the same except for one, but it is very limited in features.

Unrealbook vs ForScore - I have both, but I use ForScore. I am not familiar with Unrealbook.

iRealPro available for IOS and Android - A great tool for practice and for light duty performance.

iGigbook - You might want to look into it to see if it is something that you need.

I can go into tons of other stuff but the 32GB is not much at all even for a tablet these days, but if you are going to do midi and use the iPad as a sound module, Korg iM1 gives you a lot. For sondfonts, BS-16i. Sampletank, etc.

If a person needs a tablet just for music viewing, Bible apps, adn the like, I would think an Android based tablet would be better and cheaper.
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#426125 - 09/13/16 02:56 PM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: Torch]
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I use unrealBook. I have not (recently) compared with others, but I have taken advantage of a lot of the features of unrealBook: the "keywords" database (metadata) so I can search for songs by specific artist, year it came out, creator of song, genre, whatever else I put into my keywoards (metatdata). Took a while to do, but I use that feature a lot.

I also use Set Lists a lot; MIDI (sending MIDI to my Tyros5 to recall Registrations for songs). unrealBook seems relatively easy, and natural, since it was created by a musician. I have also got to know the developer pretty well (Via emails about features etc.)

It could be that other apps can do all these things, but I've kind of "grown into" using unrealBook so it's hard to consider switching after I've put a lot of work into setting up unreakBook and my PDF (songs) so they work they way I want them to ...

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#426147 - 09/14/16 11:38 AM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: cassp]
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Anytune Pro - it's AWESOME.
Sounds great - change pitch, speed, loops sections, display lyrics/chords etc (scrolls too!), continuous play, or stops after each song
It's all I use
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#426151 - 09/14/16 01:15 PM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: Uncle Dave]
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#426153 - 09/14/16 01:41 PM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: cassp]
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What Jim said. I too have used Unreal Book since it came out.


#426161 - 09/14/16 05:25 PM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: Uncle Dave]
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Originally Posted By: Uncle Dave
Anytune Pro - it's AWESOME.
Sounds great - change pitch, speed, loops sections, display lyrics/chords etc (scrolls too!), continuous play, or stops after each song
It's all I use

After upgrading to my Tyros 5, I pretty much don't have to rely on iPad apps as much. The change pitch, speed, and loop section features are built into Tyros 5 Audio Recorder/Player (see photo).

My basic live performance workflow is usually auto-syncing a Midi Song file, Style, and an Audio Multipad. Lyric, chords, and RH/LH parts are programmed into the Midi Song file all displayed on the screen, as well as a harmony channel that is sent to Vocal Harmony.

Any potential repeats during a performances are programmed into Tyros 5 Song section with four possible loops with repeat function. Works well because during the repeat or looped section the score lyrics/text/chords follow the Midi Song file shown on the Tyros 5 display screen.

With the half decent Tyros display screen size and resolution, usually even small size score magnification is large enough to see, allow me is see at least eight measures at a time. There is also Large and X-Large screen magnification, with X-Large shows 2 measures at a time. If I know a song well enough, I can also run just the Lyrics/Text/Chords off the screen, again while following the Midi Song file. No page turning or app required.

Varying tempo of a song is no issue, because the synced Style tempo is slave to the tempo programmed in the Midi Song file. All the LH/RH voice parts are programmed into Style OTS saves. The Tyros 5 allows OTS saves to be mixed with Ensemble and Organ World, for instant OTS voice transitions, plus I can enter registration Voice Banks or panel Voice Preset buttons at anytime giving ultimate control over any voice or expansion voice selection during a performance. If I manually activate a Song Position repeat during the Midi Song Play, any synced Audio Multipad would have to cancelled or simply allowed to run till it's ending.

High quality output A/D output converters built into the Tyros 5 allow full sonic clarity, even running all 16 channels, mic, Audio Style parts and Audio Multipad without sounding muddy in the mix or at high volumes.

Have to yet fine a TOTL arranger that can offer me more for arranging, scoring, style creating/editing, expansion, and the live performance power for the one man band music arranger.

Regards, Marcus



#426169 - 09/15/16 10:34 AM Re: What iPad software r u using? [Re: cassp]
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I use ForScore for sheet music display and MP3 backing track playback. That was what brought me to the iPad in the first place and it's still what I use it mostly for today.

I have a lot of other music apps that I play around with: Garage Band, Novation Launchpad, DM1, Tape, Auria, iGrand, Galileo, iMini, more...

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