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#425663 - 09/03/16 09:57 AM Re: Korg P a 4X is switching sounds [Re: mlorenz]
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voltage drops ( or changes in general ) may interfere electronic devices as well as frequency-changes ( I think you´ve got 60 hertz in the U.S. ).

And of course other devices being switched on / off that are using the same power-circuit ( circuit-breaker ). As well as devices using a coil ( like some lights, I didn´t find the english name for it, long tubes that are a bit flickering when switched on, often called "neon-lights", but neons are working with high-voltage ( above 1.000 volts ) ... )
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#426203 - 09/16/16 05:21 AM Re: Korg P a 4X is switching sounds [Re: mlorenz]
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The unit was defective and had to be returned to Sweetwater. The second Korg Pa4X is awesome, works perfectly!

#426346 - 09/19/16 11:04 PM Re: Korg P a 4X is switching sounds [Re: mlorenz]
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Sound switching is actually programmed in the 4X. I can't exactly remember the scenario.

I think as a person progresses through the variations of styles 1-4, the keyboard sets or sounds automatically change.

But I also remember that when this happens, the sound choices show at the bottom of the screen and all I do is hit the sound I want if I don't like what is chosen automatically.

Like I said, I can't exactly remember the scenario in which this happens.
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#426405 - 09/22/16 12:18 PM Re: Korg P a 4X is switching sounds [Re: mlorenz]
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I have had the same problem after I installed the Gold Package. The problem is with user sounds which are assigned locations in memory. The styles use the memory location of a sound to recall it. If you save other user sounds they are saved in alpha order which changes the memory location of other user sounds. In another thread AJ recommended adding a number to each user sound you create to solve the problem.

Hope this helps.


#426808 - 10/07/16 03:48 PM Re: Korg P a 4X is switching sounds [Re: mlorenz]

Turn off the sound switcher ! Lloyd

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