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#42487 - 05/22/02 01:02 PM Re: 20 for 1 VOLUME 3 SONG ZIP IS ON LINE NOW
Brian Goodison Offline

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Did you load the text file and the zip file icon as well as the songs onto the disk ?.
If you did the keyboard would show the disk as empty. I know because I have done this myself in the past.Just load the songs.



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#42488 - 05/22/02 04:23 PM Re: 20 for 1 VOLUME 3 SONG ZIP IS ON LINE NOW
Walter McLaren Offline

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Once got caught with this, formatted the disc in the computer, still the same, formatted in the Keyboard, then ok. don't know why. Walter.
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#42489 - 05/22/02 11:48 PM Re: 20 for 1 VOLUME 3 SONG ZIP IS ON LINE NOW
Audrey Turner Offline
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Hi All

Thank you for your answers to my questions, I will try them all out and will let you know where I was going wrong.

I have now printed out Bebop's instructions on how to zip and unzip files and when I have read and absorbed the info hopefully, I'll not get wrong again.

Bebop - sorry about not giving notification of my instruments - I have the Technics PR900 piano (my first love) and the KN6500 (my new love). I have to say, the KN6500 is consuming all my time at the moment because I recently had the SX-3 hard drive fitted and am slowly loading all my disks (approx.150) onto it. However, it is taking longer than I thought because I keep getting 'itchy fingers' and just have to sit and play the keyboard. I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Thanks again all.


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