Hi to you all,

Gig-files are these days scarce to get.
But there are on internet yet several sites where you can download them.
So the idea is to collect great sites with great (free) gig-files.

Or maybe you got great gig samples to share.
I've started tot record some samples with Audacity.
Then import them in Gigedit.
A lot of work but quiet good results.

I will start:
- http://gigasamples.com/
- http://virtualtheatreorgans.com/scripts/PuppyFreedomSpecial.html
- https://sites.google.com/site/savirtualo...ler--gigastudio
- http://linuxsampler.org/instruments.html
- http://www.lucidsamples.com/14-free-sample-packs (WAV-files to import in Gigedit)

Hope to see a lot of wonderful replies ;-)

At your service