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#42167 - 04/24/02 03:32 PM "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Walt Tenay Offline

Registered: 12/27/99
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Loc: Rutherfordton, NC
Just a reminder that we are in our fourth
printing of Alec Pagida's extended manual
"How Do I Do That" for the KN6000/KN6500.
A BIG THANK YOU for those who have made this book so popular. Not yet mentioned on the New York Best sellers list - but who knows?. There are several ways you can order this book published by Keynote Publications in the U.S. by going to:

( )

The most popular way to order has been to
have a call placed to you at a certain time and for us to gather your credit card information. You should email your complete mailing address to for prompt delivery of your manual via priority global mail. We can not take mailing address over the phone.

We have one little problem that I would like
to mention. Since we place calls to many
countries it is really helpful to be able
to have one speak English or a few words like my credit card number is # hello and goodby, how are you etc.

Just for the record, I do not speak Japanese,
Danish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese,
Lebasese. I managed to wing it with Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Israel,England, and New Zealand. Isn't the internet great!!!.


#42168 - 04/24/02 03:52 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
BEBOP Offline
Senior Member

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Loc: San Jose, California
AHHHHHHH WALT, you really do great work, and we are totally indebted to you and Alec.
Remember folks this book was written by our in house EXPERT GURU, ALEC PAGIDA. The price is cheap compared to what you learn from it. Every kn6000/6500 owner should have this book if they want to learn more then how to turn it on and off.
I thought I was an expert until I got the book and I quickly learned how much more I had to learn. The book is written so everyone can learn the lessons taught there.
Thank you to Walt and Alec.

#42169 - 04/24/02 05:17 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Lindoz Offline

Registered: 12/16/99
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Loc: Torshalla, Sweden
I agree with Bebop to 100%. This book should be enclosed from the factory.

#42170 - 04/24/02 08:16 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Douglas Dean Offline

Registered: 04/15/02
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Loc: Prospect Heights IL USA
Like they used to tell me.

A LITTLE knowledge is dangerous

Get the book. It's much safer.

Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug

#42171 - 04/25/02 09:35 AM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Benno Kattenat Offline

Registered: 05/08/00
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Loc: qualicum beachBC Canada
i dont regret it getting it, it helps me alot to understand my 6000 much better ,asthe manual that came with it.BENNO

#42172 - 04/25/02 12:07 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l

A must have for all 6000/6500 owners......

Fran in Florida

#42173 - 04/25/02 01:14 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
J. Larry Offline

Registered: 12/14/99
Posts: 521
Loc: University, MS 38677 USA
For those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 7000----can we assume that most of the content of Alec's book will apply to it also? Or, will that require another manual?

#42174 - 04/25/02 01:48 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Brian Goodison Offline

Registered: 01/17/02
Posts: 84
Loc: Bridlington. East Yorkshire.En...
If anyone has not bought the book yet, I can highly recommend it. You will receive first class friendly service from a very nice person called Walt. I received it within four days of ordering ,and I live in England


#42175 - 04/25/02 08:57 PM Re: "How Do I Do That Extended Manua"l
Ted Rose Offline

Registered: 01/16/02
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Loc: United States
Hello again Technics friends! Couldn't let this post go by without another positive comment, this time from me! The book is great and much more inclusive than the manual that comes with the 6000/6500. I recommend it highly, as do all the others who have commented above. Happy reading and, of course, playing!

Ted Rose


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