I just noticed this post was referred to in the bar so I looked it up again to see what I wrote. I remember I wanted to thank everyone here who responded in such a positive manner, and I’m not sure why I didn’t at the time.

I read the whole thread here again, and what came into my mind this time around was this.

There are quite a few people in the Synthzone I personally really like. Reason being, they are very polite in their own posts and in responding to other‘s posts, they have good morals, indulge in deep, rational thinking, are supportive, sympathetic, sometimes empathetic, not-combative, non-abrasive, and, most of all, soothing and therapeutic to interact in dialogue with. Interesting thing is that I noticed that almost all of those persons who I “personally really like” made an appearance in this thread.

In a world where few give and receive compliments, you all helped me to relive and appreciate the enjoyment of a past career. I'm glad I decided to post this.

And, thank you (and Nigel also) for your support and your understanding that the “G” word was used in context. It seems to draw the ire of some, but it was an important part of my life that I wanted to acknowledge in the interview.