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#64 - 05/01/02 10:50 AM Re: People - Let's talk about DRUMS.
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Im dazzled and freaked! I think im gonna try some new approaches to all this, just to be on the safe side.

#65 - 05/01/02 04:04 PM Re: People - Let's talk about DRUMS.
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So much for gettin' back on task . . .
"like another user stated . . . " - That would be me. We're all amongst friends here, let's get to know each other!
Aaaaargh! 6 months! In 6 months I could learn to play drums! (OK, maybe not. Uh, well, actually, considering my physical prowess, never, but you get my point.) Something produced like that would have to be a whole lot better than an ordinary module, or way out front in the mix, to justify that much work - at least IMESHO.
"The problem with the world is that the ignorant are cock-sure, whereas the intelligent are full of doubt." - Bertrand Russell

#66 - 05/02/02 01:30 AM Re: People - Let's talk about DRUMS.
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Yup six months is a long time , but what I was getting at is that makes for a varried and useful for a wide range of music library with some creative flare. Or in other word a professional quality library. There is a reason why the good sampler ready CD's cost a fair amount of dough. There is much more work than it seems, even for a relativly simpler sampler. For a more complicated sampler add more time. This is to have something availible for any working situation, so when your doing serious work you do not waste time either looking for sounds or worst haveing to sit there and edit too much.

Doesn't take that long to chop up some samples and play them back. If that is all you need for a home studio fine. If your on the clock then it may work or may not depending on the session. Better have options at that point.

I personally find it difficult to record drums with the sampler stuff, not for lack of knowledge or gear for doing so, but for reasons of feel and space.

Reminds me of being at the circus when they had real bands, unlike now when it just music played back. The little kids still see a circus and have fun, me I miss the band playing off the performer, covering there mistakes, adding tension and mystery, and not skipping. Basicly I miss seeing and hearing the whole room become alive.
I play what works for the job

#67 - 05/05/02 10:07 AM Re: People - Let's talk about DRUMS.
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Hi all,
I agree with Epu to a point, I think that ripping loops from other peoples work somehow is less satisfying than creating your own material. If it is unavoidable I will use a sampled loop as a framework and then, say if I have 10 tracks I like with sampled drums I will identify whatit is I like about that beat go into the studio and play a simular beat that I have created. I find it better in this way because then I get exactly what I want. I mainly use real kits to for my beats but I will nearly always use some electronic drum many artists do this in the studio nowadays (on kick drums especially) and double it up with the acoustic to get a better sound.
At the end of the day, sampling individual drum sounds is no different from using a sample rom synth (apart from the legalities)such as the are still using sounds that someone else has put in a least with sampling it is you that choses which ones go in the box!

Dr. O

#68 - 05/15/02 10:52 PM Re: People - Let's talk about DRUMS.
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Hi Equalizer,

"you're a nice guy and I love you madly, but quite frankly you're talking shit."

No doubt about it, I was talking shit. Nevermind...

p.s. Love ya back!
Yah I know, stupid ain't I?

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