Make that 9 in 6 hours now.

So far today since 6 am in 4 hours I have received 5 copies of a virus "Worm so big". Of course they are deleted/locked out of my computer by Trend's Pc-Cillian so it is no problem for me. BUT...............HOW ABOUT YOU??????????/
Do you have your Virus Program's DAT files current. IF not you could be in big trouble and so could any others on your email list, that don't have current Virus Dat files. My Virus program has been updating itself from once to three times a day with either yellow or red alerts. That is how bad the virus situation is.
I note that these virus are all coming from musicians but that none of them are on any of my lists. Apparantly my addy is in their computers because they have downloaded my music from where ever they found it, or has been forwarded to them by others. Maybe I should start publishing a list of the perps. computer addresses???

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