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#396711 - 12/02/14 02:27 PM Re: centre point space station keyboard amp [Re: spalding1968]
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I don't really e.q. either very much. They are basically flat and any e.q. is from the keyboard.
Might have to roll back the bass on Nano just a little.
And, I never use just one unit, always two, no matter which system I'm using. You CAN get stereo from one Nano if you set it up properly as per instructions. You need an extra pole and balanced extension cables.

#396712 - 12/02/14 02:33 PM Re: centre point space station keyboard amp [Re: DonM]
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My experience is the same as Don's. Right now I have the Nano hooked up to the S950 for practice...everything is flat with the exception of the bass sub.

The bass sub is set between 10 - 12 oclock. Otherwise the bass is often too powerful.

With the S950, the Nano gives a nice, warm, full sound.

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#398316 - 01/17/15 12:01 AM Re: centre point space station keyboard amp [Re: spalding1968]
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The thread on the musicians forum on this amazing amp is now 37 pages deep ! The latest testimonial is from David Bryce who will be doing a review on it for keyboard magazine .

"Okay, I finally got to use the SSv3 at a rehearsal. boing

First of all, putting it sideways on the amp stand really didn't work for me, and the guitar player immediately asked me to turn then, I tried putting it right on the floor leaning up against the back wall.

That did it. thu

Right away, the clarity of the parts jumped out at me...and the other members of the band as well! Volume was excellent, bass was nice and full without stepping on the bass player at all...but the clarity and detail of the sounds was the thing that really grabbed me the most. I use some fairly detailed layered sounds in this band, and both guitar players commented that they could hear tones they hadn't heard before, especially on the synth heavy stuff.

I'm really impressed with this bad boy. I like it much better than the V2... cool"


And hear is the most recent testimonial from one of the earliest purchasers of the amp

"Used my SS3 in what I thought would be the most volatile situation last night- the weekly blues jam. It's a really live room, wood floor, high ceiling. They use a thick carpet for the band area but it's still easy for things to get out of control with a bunch of players on stage at once. With my K10, aimed right at me, I still had the sound guys telling me I'm too loud. With the SS3, and having been asked to turn down on several occasions with my other bands, I knew it was coming. Add in it's a tight space and the SS3 was about 2' from me, I was prepared for the worst. I set it on the floor and leaned it against the wall, off to my left but angled a bit towards me. There is a set of double doors to my right and one of them was open so it gave a place for the side speaker to reflect off of.

The sound guys loved it. They said the amp sounded perfect, the volume was perfect, and they couldn't be happier! All the players commented on how good it sounded.

Another guy said he owns one of the older ones and uses if for a PA, on a pole, with a sub for a duo he's in.

I've done just about every gig/jam scenario with the SS3 now, from large stages and big rooms to tight spaces and small rooms, and it's handled every one of them very well. In the next few weeks I'll do a couple of my remaining venues I haven't used it on. Both are rooms I normally use IEM's on, but I'm going to try the SS3 on them.
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