I need some help with my Technics PR902. I thought I knew the instrument well, but evidently not. I am having trouble with the song internal memory.

First, I am going to put a concert on and I would like to use my internal memory so that I do not have to wait and load individual songs. I'm using my panel memory for different rythms which is working well. But, when I insert a disk and load a song and press melody it goes to 6 songs that are in the internal memory.

I must have put it in years ago and currently have no idea how I did this. When I insert different disk and load a different song and hit melody it will load into the internal memory those 6 song. If I load another song it will go back and load it with the other 6 songs I previously mentioned. I've tryed to load the 2 songs I want on internal memory to a formatted disk. Then, loaded them into the sequencer one song and then the other and hit melody. One song went to a file by itself, then the other one would replace it or would be added to those other 6.

I have done "initializing" with the sequencer also pressing the soul&disco, USA trad, and bigband at the same time while turning the unit on for a hard reset (to my knowledge).

I have also gone to song clear and erased all the percentages (%), and the naming of those 6 songs. When I do this the internal memory is erased, but as soon as I put a disk in (any disk) and load a song, and press melody (not melody play) the 6 songs appear again.

How do I clear those 6 songs and how do I put the 2 songs into the internal memory?