Did you know that you can use the realtime and mod wheel controls to modulate one of the parts of a sequence, to give it more expression. It seems that this can be done only one part at a time, but is easily switched in the mixer panel. Naturally, the results are not recorded in the sequencer, but can be recorded into a tape deck, etc.

This feature is particularly useful for trying out various modulations and their effects on a part while in the composing process, while the sequencer is running. I personally find it difficult to modify parts in real time, because I have poor finger speed and control, and sometimes the sound of the keys thumping is also distracting.

By the way, I am still looking to buy disks of sequenced song, new patches, etc. from other was-1 users. I don't have a computer to download the ones available on the various sites. I need the floppy disks themselves.