I had a Korg PA600 and used a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller to control the PA600. I decided I would like to upgrade to the PA900 but I was taken by the excellent organ samples on the Yamaha PSRs950 but on receiving the 950 I was horrified to find I could not use my
Behringer FCB 1010 because unlike Korg Yamaha do not provide preset or midi spec for a foot controller other than the Tyros 5 and the very expensive Yamaha foot controller but nothing for the PSRs950. Now I am thinking that I will take a hit on the resale of the 950 and get myself a Korg PA900. This all happened in June this year. Nowhere could I find any useful information or any site that could offer a solution in fact I saw on forums that this was a problem.
I had been previously been using a Mac software programme iFCB to programme the FCB1010 to control the PA900 developed by Wabbitwanch and the controller worked an absolute peach. I was now desperate so I got in touch with the developer Mel Patrick and asked if he could help. Help this guy was amazing he does not have a keyboard in fact he is a guitarist BUT he is a midi genius over the last previous months since June he has developed invented and built a Midi Translator box that sits between the FCB1010 and the PSRs950 and I can control the Volume and Sustain on the two pedals on the 1010 and a choice of all the other functions such as Fills/intros/ends/leslie/synchro’s/break using the 1010 ten buttons I could go on but basically I have a working foot controller at less than half the price of Yamaha’s T5 controller offering . If you want to find out more about this box then email Mel Patrick who I am sure would be pleased to answer your questions. I can’t technically Please be sure to enter in to the subject line or in the body of the email “CARSLAKE SPECIAL”
Email:- mel@wabbitwanch.com