Dear anyone.

Dumbass plea from the heart from someone who loves writing music but finds the tech. knowlege needed a bit mindblowing!

OK. I'm after background/pad sounds like those used by Karunesh, Yellow Brick Cinema, Medwyn Goodall, any Peruvian streetband, Mike Rowland, Aeoliah et al. Here's why I need someone working with me a bit if they've the patience - it's not just saying 'Oh, they use Synth X. all the time...' - despite massive watching of videos, I've yet to get any of my synths making the noises the guys ON the videos take for granted. There's no affordable courses around me if you're over 25 and I'm schtumped.

If I could show someone the kinda sounds I want to make, could they give me a head's up on how to make them/similar - I'll settle for similar! I've been - sad, this bit - sitting trying to do it myself for literally years and getting frickin' nowhere, and not understanding why. I THINK it's because if you get one tweak wrong, it throws the whole sound out. But again, I dunno. I don't even know what version of synthesis to go for to make the sounds they use all the time. (is it Subtractive, Graintable or what?)

Please, could someone work with me so I can make a bit ofr sense of all of this and get started, or tell me where I could go to get some VERY BASIC info? Lots of the vids assume I know more than I do.

What I'd love really, and it prob. wouldn't take any of you experts long, is to show someone samples of the sounds I'm trying to get my sticky mitts on, have them say 'Oh, they're using Softsynth X and doing this to Preset Y' (they all sound like they started off life as presets) and I'd go on from there.

would anyone be prepared to do this? If not I'll understand, b ut can't get a head's up anywhere.

Yours pathetically