I'm pretty excited about this project I have been involved with, and thought you guys would be interested in checking this out.. here's the lowdown:

In a Nutshell:

Netmusician.org is your personal hub for alternative ways of distributing and promoting your music, designed specifically for working musicians and bands! We offer services which include creating and hosting your own website, as well as a strong network of affiliates specializing in promotion and distribution of your music.

The Long-Winded Explanation of What We're About:

Now that roughly 90% of the music business is controlled by three major recording labels, we strongly believe that all talented musicians should have access to an affordable and alternative means of music distribution and promotion. We sense that many artists are frustrated by the difficulties of being recognized by a major record label. Yet many who are already recording under a major record label have become frustrated with the politics and financial bottom line of these conglomerates. We feel that, under these conditions, currently existing alternative forms of music distribution will continue to flourish, and believe that the internet is positioned as a crucial and key distribution channel.

Netmusician.org specializes in 'step one': the creation of strong, attractive and affordable webpages for musicians. We have several key contacts in the music promotion business, and we offer free consultation to find the service best suited to each individual musician's needs. Through our referral program, we can also offer our members significantly reduced rates and special perks. We are constantly looking to improve upon what we do and to add more value to our service, and are committed to helping musicians succeed in selling and advertising their musical products on the internet. The value and uniqueness of Netmusician.org consists of this complete package of resources and services available to all musicians.

As freelance musicians ourselves, we understand the budget and time constraints of the working musician. Moreover, we feel that rates and services provided elsewhere are generally unreasonably priced and unsuited for the needs of most musicians. All Netmusicians receive honest advice, personal attention and easily accessible services in plain English. Best of all, you do not have to be an internet guru, nor do you need to worry about being left in the dark since we offer unlimited technical support to all.

Signing up for free Netmusician membership will provide access to our members-only area where many of our services are made available online.