It seems I can never find a place where I can truly compare sound quality of two or more pieces of equiptment. Ok so I bought a Behringer MX802A mixer. The purpose is to combine 3 synths into two amps. One amp is my left and the other amp is my right. I plugged my synths into the MX802A (using both the available stereo channels for two synths and am using two mono channels for the third synth, getting tru stereo for all three synths. That's all I'm really interested in. Just for playing, not recording. Anyway. I then plug the left main out to one amp and the right main out to the other amp. There is a little noise. Not bad. But I'm wondering if I used a Midiman Multimixer 6 would I have less noise? The Guitar Center by me uses the Midiman Multimixer 6 for all their synths out on the floor and they use speakers/monitors not amps.

Should I stick with the MX802A. IS the noise due to the amps them selves and if (and I plan to in the future) I go with good speakers/monitors would the little noise go away? So is it the amps or the mixer? Is the Midiman Mulitmixer 6 more quite than the Behringer MX802A Eurorack Compact?

Thanks in advance for anyone who could answer or at least leave their opinions of either or both mixers. Thanks.