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#38513 - 05/05/99 09:04 AM Aux sends on mixer question
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- Another beginner question. I've got a mixer with two aux sends (MONO) and a pair of stereo returns to go with them. I've also got two effects processors that take stereo input and have stereo outputs. From the other "low end" mixers I've seen this seems to be the standard (mono aux send, stereo aux return). Why when most effects take stereo inputs? How do people usually use these? I did rig up to send stereo by sending aux 1 out to the L in of an effect, and aux 2 out to the R, and then fiddling with the return levels to essentially get stereo aux out and in, but is this ok/normal/useful? Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks all

#38514 - 05/16/99 05:48 AM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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Wow! that sounds really strange. I don't know if I have seen a FX processor that has Stereo INPUTS. I would think that a mono input is more pratical for both studio and live applications. (use your aux send #1 to go to the one processor and the #2 to go to the 2nd processor) That makes the most sence to me. A stereo input seems a bit odd. Are you useing it with your keyboard? If so I am a complete idiot when it somes to that. otherwise you would want the mono send and the stereo return. I think that sounds the best. good luck!

#38515 - 05/17/99 04:35 AM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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Most stereo processors, at least now days, do have stereo inputs, one jack for the right and one for the left just as most of the mid to upper end mixers will have send and return jacks labeled similarly.
There are mono in fx units that will have stereo outs as to produce stereo delay such as ping pong, panning and crossover. If you have your set-up rigged where it produces to your satisfaction and does not add any new problems, sit back and enjoy the moment.

#38516 - 08/08/99 10:21 PM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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Kren - What you're doing is fine, but maybe a bit more trouble than it's worth. The factor to keep in mind is price point - most mixers under 10 kilobucks tend to have only mono aux sends (this is a gross generalization, so please don't flame me on it, folks! ). Most of the lower-end effect units thus only have a mono input, and stereo outs.
With the stereo input paradigm, the idea is to allow the incoming sound to be panned to one side or another, and the stereo output then follows this placement in the soundfield. While it's cool, I don't know if it's worth all the fuss, especially if the effects unit is going to be used on the auxilliary buss, and mixed into the stereo (dry) main track. Keep in mind that if the effect is being used on the aux buss, chances are you'll have the effect set 100% "wet" anyway, so who cares how the incoming dry signal is panned? Sure, there's a little more depth to the effect if stereo inputs are provided, but nothing to break a sweat about. Personally, I'd rather have a mix board with six mono sends than a mix board with three stereo sends.
Where I think it comes in handy is when the stereo signal is routed *directly* through the effect (i.e. not using the aux buss at all)... to process the entire L/R mix. In this model, it is *essential* that the effect unit have stereo inputs, because you won't be running the effect 100% "wet" - more realistically, something like 20 - 50%, unless you're after something completely outside of "normal" production values. (Again, I generalize. Sorry.)
Like I say, give me more mono sends any day - and make 'em pre-fader, so I can crank those levels!

#38517 - 08/12/99 11:57 PM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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Don't quote me but I thought it could give you more control over the effects in stereo. For instance, you could have reverb and echo left and distortion/compression right...this is a unit that give you multi effects. If you just have a mono in then you would not have the same control. You could use your vocal for reverb/echo and guitar for dist./comp. or dist./comp/reverb/echo...
Your right though...sounds like alot of trouble.

#38518 - 08/26/99 05:55 AM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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Well, indeed the lower end FX-processors do have stereo inputs nowadays. The only way to use both your units with your mixer via aux-sends is to simply connect aux 1 to the L-in on FX-unit 1 and aux 2 to L-in on the second unit. That's because the L-in is the same as mono-in on most studio devices. This way you can use both units at the same time and connect the stereo outs to the stereo-return channels on your mixer. Good luck!

#38519 - 09/23/99 09:22 AM Re: Aux sends on mixer question
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There are occasions when you may wish to use a stereo effect and processing an entire mix is one of them.

As indicated you should configure aux send 1 to the left input of one effects unit and aux two to left in on the second.

If you think about it there are very few genuine stereo sound sources. Other than multiplayer set-ups (orchestras, choirs etc). The only one that immediatly springs to mind is a Hammond Leslie speaker.



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