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#385048 - 02/23/14 09:35 AM Another dismal trip to the big box music store
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Sam Ash (Edison NJ) seems to have been taken over by Roland in the keyboard dept. And almost totally void of arrangers. No BK5 or BK9. Only 3 Yamaha arrangers (400 series and under), 1 korg pa50SD. Did have yammie, korg workstations, and a few pieces of starter casio crap, and pianos (electric). Now this was their flagship store and always had the most of everything. They had (2) PA3x's when they first came out, always had Yamaha psr's in current 900 series, used to have BK5. Now its rolands ws/ep's. a couple yam motifs and a korg krome. Visit shorter than the drive to get their...Now new GC in Raritan has even less but they have recording/lesson studios that reduce floor space in that building..
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#385057 - 02/23/14 10:08 AM Re: Another dismal trip to the big box music store [Re: sparky589]
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Unless you live near Frank or George, there are very few places left that stock arrangers. There is a BK5 at Shreveport Music that has been on display since they first came out. I even brought it home when it first arrived and tried it but it is just not a good fit.
It is too expensive to be an entry-level arranger and lacks too many features to be much more.
Other than Clavinovas, it's the only arranger they have, and it's very likely they won't ever get another one! Ten years ago they stocked all the Yamahas, some Korgs and Rolands.
They can't compete with the online stores price wise because they have to charge sales tax. People come in, the sales person takes a half hour to show it to them, and then they go home and order it online to save a few bucks.
Plus, Guitar Center has opened a new store near them and people are flocking there to wait in line for a 19-year-old guitar player to prove he doesn't know anything about anything except the guitar he owns.
I think back-line rentals to the Casinos are keeping the doors open for S. Music. They are going on 60 years in business and have really good, knowledgeable staff. It's a shame!

#386623 - 03/19/14 06:40 AM Re: Another dismal trip to the big box music store [Re: sparky589]
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I talked to a couple managers of big box stores (I won't say who) and they told me they're making more money on their used equipment sales than the new stuff. It's hard to compete against online, although it can happen that a store manager will work with you to match an online price. It depends on the manager.
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