Did I have fun today! I installed the Ajamsonic SSD into my Audya . The instructions were clear and precise but I still had to call AJ when the new OS5 didn't show up when it booted up. I simply had to press the F10 and another button when it powered up and Presto!, I had a new keyboard that sounds better than before plus hundreds of new sounds, styles, loops and features. Well then the fun began and trying and listening to the multitude of variations built into the styles and how extensive the programming was. Some styles have 32 bars just into the "A" variation. It really will make the performance of tunes on the job extraordinary to say the least. I was thrilled with the update and the solid state drive screams! Every Audya owner needs to make this move and you will have an Audya with a new life! Ever since I bought this keyboard and as an audio/ studio professor I loved the sound and now it's tighter and more exciting.