Just wondering what anyone's favorite method might be for syncing a Tascam Da88/98 to Cubase Score VST v3.6r2.

Using a p200 with Win95. I have a MOTU MidiTimepiece AV for my Midi/SMPTE Interface and the MOTU 2408 for my audio interface.

Right now, I don't care for the MMC control method because you actually have to sync Cubase via Midi Clock to the Midi out of the DA88.

As of now I create a SMPTE track within Cubase and send it on a discrete audio out to the SMPTE in on the DA88. This way the deck will slave with the accuracy of Smpte timecode.

Does anyone else have a method that might be better. For example, not having to eat up an audio out on my 2408 interface for sending a smpte signal?