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#38179 - 04/18/99 03:28 PM Has anybody used a TC Electronics Finalizer?

I'm curious is anyone out there has any experience mixing/mastering with the TC Electronics Finalizer Express or Plus versions. I've found a Plus version at a good price and I'm wondering if they're all that ads say they are. I mix from a VS-880 to a Phillips cdr. Any other good mastering processers out there? Let me know!

#38180 - 04/29/99 09:00 AM Re: Has anybody used a TC Electronics Finalizer?
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I bought a TC Electronics Finalizer Express after carefully deciding what i needed to boost up my soundsetup.
I just use a jv1080 fully expanded with the Techno, D&B, vintage, Dance expansion boards.
Compression is hardly done on the drumtrack by an ART MDC2001.
The TC Finalizer adds an unbelievable amount of *glow* to your end-mix.
I even tried to hook it up to a homestereo setup and it does make your music glow in the dark.
Phat basses stay phat but they don't *boom* too much anymore, the general dynamic output has increases dramaticly.
You can virtually controll everything.
Hitting the multiband compressor hard or boosting the limiter makes your sound change alot.
It all depends what style you do.
I do trance/D&B/techno kinda stuff so i compress the living daylights out of it (thaz not a rule, thaz just how I like it) and then pump each band again with only the mid's set half way.
Driving the finalizer at it's very limit before clipping does the trick for my.
Nowadays i still hit the *bypass* button and think how the hell i could make music before i had this box.

There ya go.


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