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#38135 - 10/23/02 06:21 AM PCi Master Overflow/PCI Capacity Reached

I have a PC based music system ..
P4 2.26G 512Mb RAM,
Gigabyte GA-81E 845E 533 motherboard,
and an ATI Rage Pro 32 (Graphic card)
Creamware Pulsar 3.01 (2 PCi boards, 8 DSPs)
Steinberg Cubase VST 5.0
Propellerhead REASON V2.0

But I am getting
"PCI Master-Overflow! / PCI capacity limit reached"
error messages which is knocking my system
out .. and I've only had this PC for
a couple of months ..
Is the the graphics card ??
I have done everything reccomended from the
Creamware support site,
set graphic accelaration to none,
color set to 16 bit high color,
and changed the Bus latency to 192
but no matter what .. this error still appears ..

Any ideas how I can fix it .. I don't want to go over to MAC as I don't believe that is necessary and the PC environment works fine except for this one problem..

Thanks, David (Australia)

#38136 - 10/26/02 03:40 PM Re: PCi Master Overflow/PCI Capacity Reached
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you might try a search.


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