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#38123 - 12/03/00 12:12 AM So, NO-one knows how to use effects on the 1680???
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Hello fellow-1680 users.
After months of posting messages, it seems no-one is yet able to sort out my seemingly basic problem, other than responses like "go ask the dealer you bought it from"... the store is 200 miles away.

I do multi-track recordings, and wish to record these to CD. HOWEVER, when I add effects during mix-down, the effect added is never at the settings I choose. Somewhere in this world there must be someone who knows how to talk me through the send/return info, and all the joys of pre/post/insert.

I will ring if need be. Somebody , please... help me. My therapy starts in one week from now.


#38124 - 12/04/00 04:13 PM Re: So, NO-one knows how to use effects on the 1680???
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Ok I have never used the 1680 before but I'll try.

Usually you want to send your signal through the post fader aux send. Go to the specific channel(s) aux sends and

1. Turn up the aux send level
2. switch it to post fader

Then there must be a master aux level in the master section. Turn the master aux level up according to which aux you are using. Usually the last 2. So if you are using Aux3 turn up Aux 3 master. Try that and see if it helps.

There must be a way to save the editied fx patch on the 1680. You should consult the manual.

#38125 - 12/14/00 02:36 PM Re: So, NO-one knows how to use effects on the 1680???

Go to It's a site for user's of Roland's VS recorders. There's a BBS where you can get help.




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