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#38086 - 03/01/00 09:11 AM Where does the MIDI go?
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I can ask this best by saying what I think I already understand. The hookup I'm attempting now has controller-to-soundcard-to-Cakewalk to-sampler-to-audioamp-to-sound. The PC has commands that eventially become sounds via the sampler. this was all so a decade ago when I tried MIDI. Now I'm trying to understand had disc recording. It seems that there is A/D-conversion-processing-D/A for audio tracks--but where do the MIDI tracks go. Does one take the audio out from a sampler to A/D conversion etc. ? I'm trying to get a grasp of what equipment I'll need to record both MIDI tracks and audio tracks with editing functions. Any discusions alon this line would greatly interest me(and probably others).

Bob Haymond
Bob Haymond

#38087 - 03/04/00 06:16 AM Re: Where does the MIDI go?
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Hi, time just ask the was pretty confusing trying to follow your thinking!

If you want to record both midi and audio you need a sequencer software sequencer that goes in the computer) that supports both midi and audio channels. Cubase and Cakewalk are two good hits. These both support real audio channel recording and playback along with midi channels.

The procedure in short would be

a) hook up your controller to the midi port of the soundcard.

b) record your midi tracks with the sequencer

c) hook up your audio source to the line-in of the card

d) record your audio in the sequencer.

You can do it the other way round or both togetrher. It seems that you are new to this so it might take some time before you will understand all, but what you really need is a sequencer that supports both audio and midi, a soundcard that can record from external audio sources (Soundblaster for example)and a controller hooked up the midi port of the card.

Hope that helped


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