My current scenario: I have Rebirth and VST on my screen. I made all the necessary Rewire channel changes in VST (turned on the green light applicable to each drum component/channel - the mix lights are turned off - not activated). After pressing the play button on the VST transport bar, I heard my brand new Rebirth groove jamming away (feeling proud). The VST Channel mixer showed each Rebirth (909 drum kit) channel light "bouncin" (not "stompin") to my beat and I became SOLD on Rebirth. I then decided to record two bars of my new beat on an audio track in the VST arrange window. I clicked on the loop button (transport bar), set my left/right locators and clicked 'Record'. The part has been created/recorded, but after double-clicking on it, I noticed that no audio information has been captured. As a second check, I closed Rebirth and clicked 'Play' - no sound produced and no Rebirth channel signals. Can someone help me out - I would like to use this tool in an upcoming project. Thanks,
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