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#38046 - 09/06/00 05:36 AM Any help will be a bonus..........
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I have a mixer hooked into my computer.

I'm looking for a beat producing program like CUBASE VST on the computer. BUT, i really have no idea what i'm doing.

I just want to find CUBASE VST or any other program which i can play with to make hip hop beats. I want to be able to get the beats i make on the computer - into the studio. BUT i have no idea what i need and what is involved.

someone PLEASE has the time and patience to offer me some advice and much need information.


"if ya soul loves tha sun. Money rock on"
"if ya soul loves tha sun. Money rock on"

#38047 - 09/06/00 08:04 PM Re: Any help will be a bonus..........
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If I understand you , you say you want a "beat producing program" and you dont want to actually play drums , but play with a computer program. Cubase VST can be bought from most any online music supplier of any merit and it probably has a feature like that in it, theres also a program called"Band-in-a-box" that is an accompaniment program . I think though Sonic Foundry probably accomidates you hip hop, techno people the best, I would check them out first.
If you are starting very basic you can read my article in Epinions, I hope it helps.


#38048 - 09/11/00 04:00 AM Re: Any help will be a bonus..........
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Yeeah ban in a box i remember that.


Use your cool editand start...NO Wait
get some programs to develop your ear first
Your pitch is essential to start developing, udder wize evting will sound like chit.
mail me if youre still lost

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