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#37982 - 01/18/00 05:17 AM The ultimate EQ proceedure?
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I've been on a quest for months now to find some sort of proceedure for adjusting one freq at a time until a desired EQ curve is achieved.
Its harder then it looks. You might start by cutting a few mid freqs, then it might sound too bassy, then you cut some bass freqs and it starts to sound hollow, then you boost some high freqs and it sounds thin, etc..
Theres must be a way of figureing out where to start and how to proceed one step at a time until a desired sound is achieved.
Ofcourse having a great ear helps, but if you don't have experience hearing frequencies, its frustrating. After adjusting 20 levels, you're no closer to having it sound good then if you just left it alone. I've seen the pros do it. They boost here, cut there, and within 30 seconds have a clear, crist, deep sounding track that would take me 30 hours to find.
I'm not asking for any specific recomendations of cuts or boosts, just how do I find them myself.I tried using suggested EQ charts, and they sometimes will get me on the right path (example: for hard rock vocals,boost 3k about 3-6db) but I'd rather learn how to figure it out myself. That way I feel confident about finding the right sound in any situation.

#37983 - 01/29/00 09:28 PM Re: The ultimate EQ proceedure?

Hey Dave, the best way is to just do it. But remember, less is more. It also depends upon what type of eq you are using, graphic or parametric. But here's a method to help you narrow down eqing. I'm going to assume you're using a graphic, if I'm wrong just tell me.

First, listen to the song or track without any eq. Then pick a frequency, any frequency, and play with it. At this point just use one freq. Boost it, listen, cut it and listen some more. After you can tell in advance what a cut or boost is going to do go to another freq (return the first to 0). Become just as familiar with it as the first one.

Now listen to what they do together. Boost one, cut the other, boost them both, cut them both, etc. Don't worry about getting a 'good' sound. In fact you may grimace now and then ~grin~. But you will also find a couple of good sounds too. Write them down. And send them to me (just kidding). Continue with all the bands.

This may seem like a long drawn out process but it's designed to give you a better understanding of what the eq is doing. And understanding eq is the only way to master it. Charts and articles are good and handy to have, but nothing beats listening.

One other quick note: if you adjust 20 or 30 levels of eq that's way too much. If you have to do that much eq it's better just to record the song/track again.

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