Ok I've been asking this question to a lot of people and a whole lot of people give me half ass answers... nobody seems to realy know..

How much Tracks can a normal CDR hold.
my guess would be 99 becuase there is only 2 slots on a CD player... Others told me it doesn't matter how much tracks you put on the Cd as long as it fits the capacity of the CD time and size wise.. well if that was the truth then there would be no problem..

i don't have a speacial CD player that can play 400 tracks or anything like that.. i only have a normal CDR and normal CD burner and a normal CD player with about 200 diffrent samples I want to put on the CDR...

Has anybody ever reached the 100 point on making a CD.. I never heard of a CD that has 100 tracks.. I don't have a speacial MP3 player either...

If anybody could help me out.. your help would be greatly welcome.

Maryland .. peace